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The State Against Mandela and the Others


Two years after opening the UK Jewish Film Festival with the drama An Act of Defiance, we are proud to bring you this riveting documentary. Based on 256 hours of previously inaccessible audio recordings and featuring archival footage and animation, it recounts the 1963-1964 Rivonia Trial against Nelson Mandela and eight other defendants, a watershed moment in the longstanding fight against Apartheid. Interviews with key players – including defendant Denis Goldberg, the son of Jewish prosecutor attorney-general Percy Yutar, and Winnie Mandela – shed further light on South Africa’s racial segregation and explore the very different sides on which the Jewish players found themselves: Goldberg in the dock, and Yutar arguing for the state


Location: Everyman Belsize Park Everyman Belsize Park

Date: 2019-11-12

Time: 20:00

This show is no longer available.