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Life Stories Shorts Programme


Four remarkable individuals share their inspiring life experiences with us.

Films screening at this event

The Terrorist Hunter (director Ann Shin)
As the director of SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities), Israeli Rita Katz is a rare female fighter in America’s War on Terror. Born in Iraq, she experienced first-hand the tragedy of dictatorial regimes. This has spurred her to become a major figure in the West’s fight against terror. The Terrorist Hunter explores Katz’s determination to stop all global terror activities, but also the danger posed by governments’ preemptive strategies that often target innocent citizens because of their ethnicity or faith.

Death Metal Grandma (director Leah Galant)
97-year-old Holocaust survivor and former “Jewish princess from Vienna” Inge Ginsberg transforms in old age into a death metal singer fronting a band whose members could be her grandchildren. Together, they might just be selected for America’s Got Talent.

Edek (director Malcolm Green)
86-year-old Holocaust survivor Janine Webber collaborates with American rapper Kapoo to present her story in a brand new and daring way.

A Call to Remember (director Ken Winikur)
A powerful and moving testimony of Holocaust survivor David Schaecter, who was deported as a young boy to Auschwitz, courageously escaped as the allies invaded and, having lost his entire family, fought to rebuild his life after the war.


Location: JW3 Cinema

Date: Sunday 18th November

Time: 15:00

This show is no longer available.