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LGBT+ Shorts Programme


The films in this programme celebrate inclusivity, diversity and freedom regardless of gender, religious background or age.

On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi (dir Brandon Gross, Skyler Gross)
Having celebrated their 65th anniversary with their children and grandchildren, Nani and Popi seem happy and content. It comes as a shock for everyone, therefore, when a short time later, Popi, aged 95, comes out as gay. Or almost everyone: as it turns out his wife knew about it all along, but decided to keep her family together at the cost of her own happiness. On My Way Out tells an extraordinary story about relationships, family and the sacrifices we make to keep them intact.

Summer (dir Pearl Gluck)
Two teenage girls experience their sexual awakening together while at a Hassidic summer camp.


Sunset (dir Katie Ennis, Gary Jaffe)
A young man is torn between his sense of duty to serve his country and his wish to stay with his male lover in New York in the days following Pearl Harbor.


Starboy (dir Joëlle Bentolila)
A young married Hassidic man questions his identity and the nature of being, turning to the study of the Kabbalah and quantum mechanics - with irreparable consequences.

The Rabbi (dir Uriya Hertz)
A yeshiva-bocher confesses a secret to his rabbi-teacher awakening disturbing thoughts in him.





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Date: Tuesday 13th November

Time: 20:00

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