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Canvey - The Promised Island + short: Starboy


Stamford Hill has been associated with its ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents since the 1800s but as properties have become increasingly out of reach, some families have decided it is time to move. A community has started to develop in Canvey Island, which in 2013 was voted the most English place in Britain. This extended version of the fascinating BBC documentary follows one family from London as they adjust to their new home and explores the challenges of integration awaiting both the newcomers and the existing, non-Jewish Canvey Islanders.

+ Short: Starboy
A young married Hassidic man questions his identity and the nature of being, turning to the study of the Kabbalah and quantum mechanics - with irreparable consequences.


Location: JW3 Cinema

Date: Monday 19th November

Time: 16:00

This show is no longer available.