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British Shorts Programme


Join us to celebrate our incredible local talent. They bring us nachas!

100 Faces (dir Benjamin Till)
BAFTA-nominated composer and director Benjamin Till explores what it means to be Jewish in this quirky and heartwarming musical film. Till set himself the task of finding 100 British Jewish people, one born in every year between 1918 and 2017. 100 Faces is a true celebration of the diversity of Jewish people  This is a once-in-a-lifetime film, which Till describes as “a musical postcard from British Jewish people to the rest of the world”.

Kinder (dir Krysten Resnick)
Now in his eighties, Ralph revisits his youth – remembering the time he arrived in England as a 15-year-old boy and how he fell madly in love with the beautiful English girl who lived across the hall.

Edek (dir Malcolm Green)
86-year-old Holocaust survivor Janine Webber collaborates with American rapper Kapoo to present her story in a brand new and daring way.

Triptych (dir Katie Lom)
This beautiful, experimental short – Lom’s graduation film from The National Film & Television School – reflects on the nature of time, memory and war.

Starboy (dir Joëlle Bentolila)
A young married Hassidic man questions his identity and the nature of being, turning to the study of the Kabbalah and quantum mechanics - with irreparable consequences.



Location: JW3 Cinema


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