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Taam, A Taste of Rue des Rosiers + El Hara


For years the Jewish and gay communities have lived side by side in perfect harmony in the famous Parisian neighbourhood of Le Marais. This charming documentary brings the story of this special place – a mixture of London’s Golders Green and Soho, if you like – and its locals. They talk about what makes one a Jew (no consensus), co-existence and tolerance, and, you guessed it, food. A lovely (mental) journey across the English channel.

Short: El Hara 

Based on the writings of Tunis-born Jewish writer Albert Memmi as well as an interview with the author, who now lives in Paris, this film explores the former ghetto of El Hara, where thousands of Jews lived for 700 years.


Location: JW3 Cinema

Date: Monday 20th November

Time: 21:00

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